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Celebrate summer

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The CCHO pool is open for the summer and our residential kids are thrilled to enjoy this warm-weather activity on a regular basis. With limited off-campus opportunities due to COVID-19, the pool is even more special this year. It’s a great opportunity for our kids to be social together and learn new skills. Special thanks to our pool renovation team from last fall. Because of you, life is definitely cool in the pool!

Summer is a fun time on our Wooster campus. There’s much that the staff and youth look forward to. For some, it starts with simply having a break from school. For others, it’s being outdoors and fishing or riding bikes. For Shawn Yambor, director of residential services, it means going to Dairy Queen for their seasonal cotton-candy Blizzard. He also “looks forward to field days. In all the excitement and activities, we get to see the kids being kids and having fun with us. What appears chaotic at times is kids feeling safe to let loose.”

We’re starting a fun new series on the CCHO blog to celebrate summer even though this year looks a little different for all of us. We invite you to check in throughout July to read fun stories and smile.


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