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Celebrating our amazing volunteers

On October 17, 2019, Christian Children’s Home of Ohio hosted our first volunteer appreciation reception. It was a great time of fellowship, fun and reflection where CCHO recognized the hard work, dedication and love of our amazing volunteers. Campus Pastor Tim Hartzler shares about this special event and affirms the value of our volunteers.

When it was my turn to share about the volunteers in our Children’s Residential Center, I talked a little about a church group that comes out to our main campus on the second Saturday of every month. I told a story of one particular Saturday when this group came with lots of activities and games planned and in place, only to have one single resident that wanted to participate. I remember being embarrassed at the time and effort they had put in for only one child to reap the benefits. But that group treated that one resident like a king. They cheered him on during every activity and made him feel so special.

I jokingly mentioned earlier in the day that it was my goal to make someone cry during my short speech. Little did I know that it would be me that cried. As I told this story, I scanned the crowd and made the mistake of making eye contact with the boy who had been there that day. I broke. It was all I could do to keep my voice steady and the tears under control.

Whether it is spending time mentoring one on one, bringing a meal, leading a horse in an equine therapy session, playing a game, or even pouring new concrete for the pool our kids will enjoy in the summer, we are blessed to have such amazing volunteers who willingly give up their time, resources and energy to help hurting people find their worth in Christ.

Be part of life transformation for a child. We are always in need of people eager to join with us in providing a safe and stable environment for at-risk children in need of hope, healing and unconditional love. We invite you to take a moment and learn more about all of the volunteer opportunities available with CCHO, Encompass and Encourage.


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