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Encourage a generation

Without the encouragement from caring CCHO staff, Brent and Mia may not have gotten baptized. Both of these young residents carried many years of severe abuse and trauma with them when they came to our campus last year. The people in their lives that should have protected them instead repeatedly hurt them, and they believed they couldn’t trust anyone. But because of the loving actions and encouraging words of our staff, Brent and Mia opened their hearts to God and eventually ended up getting baptized during their time with CCHO!

Legacy Bricks

The kids on our campus spend a lot of time in our new Children’s Leadership & Recreation Center (LRC), whether they’re coming in for the school day, enjoying a meal in the cafeteria, playing games in the gym or engaging in our recreational therapy programs. Imagine how powerful it would be for those boys and girls to see an encouraging message from you or your favorite Bible verse each time they walk to the CLRC!

By purchasing a legacy brick with your name or inspirational message (or both!), you could play a vital role in the next baptisms on our campus. Your words can be a source of incredible encouragement on the next generation of kids in need.

Our world can be so discouraging, leaving many of us scared and scarred. God intends each of us to encourage others so that, together, we can find joy amidst that pain and brokenness (see Hebrews 3:13 and 1 Thessalonians 4:18). Children like Brent and Mia used that encouragement to embrace a relationship with their Savior. Your words of encouragement can help others turn their lives over to Jesus. What a powerful legacy you can leave for future generations on our campus!

Leave a legacy for kids in need. Purchase your legacy brick today and be part of the eternal story God is writing in the lives of these children. What message do you want to leave for them on your brick?


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