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Help open Ryan’s eyes to a hopeful future

Ryan should be dead. If he had his way, one of his many suicide attempts would have prevented him from seeing his 14th birthday. Thankfully, he’s still here today. Your $80 gift can help ensure Ryan celebrates many more birthdays to come.

Let me tell you more about Ryan and how you can help him to see his life as a gift from his loving Creator.

Ryan’s father committed suicide when Ryan was just 10. He was never the same. His mom suffered from unmanaged mental health and personality disorders, so Ryan never knew what kind of mood she would be in when he got home from school. Because of her volatile personality and crippling heroin addiction, Ryan felt responsible for protecting his siblings from their chaotic home environment. His mom also engaged in toxic relationships with men who ended up sexually abusing Ryan. He turned to drugs and alcohol to numb his pain, often running away from home and selling sexual favors on the street to meet his basic needs. Suicide seemed like his only way out.

Ryan’s story is heartbreaking, but his traumatic past doesn’t have to dictate his future. Your $80 donation can give him a night of safety and care. You can help keep him off the streets for good!

Ryan is still trying to process through the trauma he’s experienced. He is a sensitive and caring young man who enjoys writing, drawing and listening to music. He longs to connect with the people in his life but too often believes that he is the reason for his mother’s violent outbursts. He has spent time in inpatient psych hospitals searching for ways to cope with his swirling emotions. After repeatedly being wounded by the adults in his life, Ryan determined that life wasn’t worth living.

Your $80 gift can provide him with the vital treatment and behavior strategies he needs to finally find wholeness and healing. You can show Ryan that he is loved unconditionally, and that someone he doesn’t even know is rooting for him.

Your gift can help ensure Ryan never tries to take his own life again.

After his father died, Ryan stopped going to church. “I don’t understand why God lets people die,” he says. Where previously he has only known confusion, chaos and pain, you can give Ryan a glimpse of the radical kind of love that will change his life forever. Ryan and so many hurting kids like him just need to know that someone cares, that love is available even for them, that their future is secure because they have been created for a purpose.

Ryan felt powerless in his own home without a say in how he was treated. Your support can give him the opportunity to build healthy new relationships based on mutual trust, respect and love.

Will you help open Ryan’s eyes to a new and hopeful future with a donation today? Will you consider an $80 gift so that Ryan and other girls and boys like him can experience a night of safety and begin to experience their worth in Christ? Donate online today.


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