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“I would love for you to pray for my next stage in my life”

Today, we wrap up our prayer request series with the final collection of requests from the boys and girls here on the CCHO campus.

Considering the circumstances, these kids are holding up remarkably well. They haven’t seen family members face-to-face for nearly two months, their school schedules have been completely turned upside down, they haven’t been able to enjoy any off-campus activities for weeks, and yet as a whole, they continue to bravely walk the road to healing and wholeness during this time.

We believe a big reason for this is because of your faithful prayers. Please continue lifting up these children – the specific prayers shared below along with those in part 1, part 2 and part 3 of this series. We’d also ask that you pray for their continued healing and growth in the weeks, months and years ahead.

We’ve included another drawing below from a young girl on our campus who, like us, is so grateful for you, and for your ongoing, prayerful support.

(Click the images below to view a larger version.)

“I would love for you to pray for my next stage in my life. I’m almost finished with my program and I will be on the adoption website waiting for that to happen or go to foster care and I’m a little nervous. I also want to pray that my health can continue to be good and pray for my family, friends, peers and staff.” ~resident in our Teen Girls cottage

~resident in our Young Boys cottage

~resident in our Young Girls cottage

“I would like to be prayed for: my mom, my baptism” ~resident in our Teen Girls cottage

“That everything goes well and I can go home…” ~resident in our Teen Girls cottage

“Coronavirus/seeing my dad/mom” ~resident in our Teen Boys cottage

~resident in our Young Girls cottage


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