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More than a suitcase

Children often arrive on our residential campus with their few belongings in plastic bags. Many times, these kids have left their prior home situation in crisis mode. During their time at CCHO, we are helping them find balance and calm again. We teach coping skills to help them stay regulated when they face big and small challenges. We provide safe places and safe adults for them to process their prain and trauma.

Whether our kids leave their CCHO cottage home to begin a more intensive treatment program or to step down to a foster home, we place their belongings in a suitcase. One more way to demonstrate that they are seen. And that they matter. Your donations help make this possible. We have a need for new or gently used (working condition) medium and large size suitcases.

If you would like to make a donation, please coordinate your suitcase drop-off with Lauren Steiner at Thank you for helping more kids experience their worth in Christ through your gift.


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