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“Pray for my family to get better”

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

No matter where you live, you’ve been affected by the coronavirus. It’s a global crisis that continues to impact the daily lives of billions of people. That’s also true of the kids who live here on the CCHO campus.

These boys and girls, ages 6-18, have already had their lives disrupted by the abuse and neglect they have experienced. Now, their routines have been altered even more by this health crisis.

All family visitations have been cancelled until further notice. Some kids have been able to connect with family via online calls, but not all families have access to the technology required to make this possible. Off-campus outings have also been cancelled, as have mentor and volunteer group visits, leaving the residents feeling very isolated. Additionally, their county workers have moved to video check-ins with the kids instead of face-to-face meeting.

And, like many of us, our young residents are carrying some pretty heavy concerns right now – will the people they love get sick, when will they be able to see family again, how will this impact plans for them to be able to move back home or in with a foster family?

Would you please pray for our kids?

We will share some specific prayer requests from our young residents over the next week. Our hope is that you will not only lift these honest prayers up to our Heavenly Father in the coming days, but that you will keep these kids and our frontline staff in your ongoing prayers. Please pray for continued health throughout our residential campus and our family of ministries, and for the wisdom to make the right choices during these uncertain times.

Here are a few recent requests from our residents (click the images below to view a larger version):

“I would like someone to pray for my twin sister that’s in the hospital right now. She’s very important to me. God watches over everyone so I would like you to pray for her to get better!” ~resident in our Teen Girls cottage

~resident in our Young Girls cottage

~resident in our Teen Girls cottage

“Pray for my baby brother, my mom and my dad. And that they can come see me soon.” ~resident in our Young Boys cottage

“Safety for kids” ~resident in our Young Girls cottage

“Can you pray to get rid of the COVID-19?” ~resident in our Young Boys cottage

~resident in our Teen Boys cottage


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