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Social workers are essential

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Join us in celebrating National Social Work Month: Social Workers are Essential and honoring our social workers at CCHO and our family of ministries. Every single day, social workers make invaluable contributions in our communities—even more so this past year as our nation has faced the coronavirus pandemic.

A social worker’s training gives them the ability to meet people where they are, build trust and find solutions together. They see each child, adult and family as valuable, having unique strengths and worthy of respect and care. Their heart for others is full of compassion and justice.

The social work profession has been around for more than a century and has made significant contributions to our nation. For example, social workers such as social reformer Jane Addams, former Labor Secretary Frances Perkins, and civil rights leaders Dorothy Height, Whitney Young and Ida B. Wells have helped Americans secure voting rights, equal rights, Social Security, unemployment insurance, and other programs.

Within our family of ministries, social workers care for clients in homes, offices, schools, courtrooms and residential cottages. They provide mental health support and resource information. They model and teach life skills and trauma-informed approaches. They come alongside individuals and families in times of crisis and help them make healthy choices for the future.

We are incredibly grateful for their leadership and dedication.

Social workers play an essential role in helping people experience their worth and achieve their goals. During social work month we hope you will learn more about this important profession, say a kind word to the social workers in your lives, and advocate for policies and legislation that benefit those they serve.

Our family of ministries is an excellent environment to grow in your social work career from internships to supervisory positions. Learn more today.


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