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Thanks to you, Chris is experiencing healthy connections

Fifteen-year-old Chris lived in a home filled with abuse and violence. Anger and depression were common feelings to him. Frequently witnessing violence between his parents, he never experienced love or connection.

Chris began to resent his parents and joined a gang to try to gain a sense of self-worth. He would steal cars and start fights for attention only to find himself in jail.

You made sure that Chris was safe and received care for his unique trauma needs. Because of you, he’s able to just be a kid, exploring new activities in a positive way and building his self-esteem. You have given him the safe space to discover his true worth in Christ.

Chris had a tough time getting along with peers and adults. He would hold in his feelings and then become verbally and physically aggressive when he reached his breaking point.

But your generosity has helped change Chris’s view of himself and others. Recently Chris participated in an outing of his choice to celebrate his growth. He and a favorite staff member went to Kalahari. Chris was able to challenge himself to ride the tall waterslides and overcome his fear of heights—more proof that he’s capable of so much.

Experiences like this coincide with his progress in therapy. Chris has learned to be more open and talk about his feelings. He’s getting better at processing his anger and considering the consequences of his actions. He’s now experiencing healthy connections as he uses his words for healing.

Chris once battled every relationship. Now he is becoming the compassionate young leader God created him to be! So many amazing changes for Chris because of your generosity.

Thank you for making a difference in Chris’s life!


If you’re inspired by this story, you can give a child just like Chris safety and connection this summer through a special off-campus outing. Your $20 donation will help a child experience the fun of just being a kid. Your gift can be the start of replacing a child's difficult past with treasured moments. You can help heal a broken heart. It all begins with your gift of $20.


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