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The class clown

One Heart Stables is home to a select group of horses. Each of their distinctive personalities contributes to their role as “equine therapists” as they serve the children in our residential program as well as adults and children in the general public through Encompass Christian Counseling. We’ve come to believe that people will pick the horse they truly need, and in turn our clients are able to engage in an honest, non-judgmental relationship with their horse.

Name: Moses Age: 11 Breed: Draft/Quarter Horse gelding

Moses at One Heart Stables

Moses was previously part of Ohio University’s equestrian program. He came to One Heart Stables in 2015. One of our younger horses, he is a true extrovert who loves to be around people and other horses. Moses’ broad back and smooth gaits are beneficial for clients with physical disabilities.

Moses is most definitely the “class clown” of the stables and knows how to make people laugh. He is often playful and mischievous, whether opening his own stall door or chewing on your jacket zipper. He loves to trail ride, possibly because he enjoys stopping to eat along the way. With his curious and hungry nature, the first “horse drive thru” came to be!

Therapy comes in all shapes & sizes. When you donate to CCHO, you are ensuring that our kids receive access to a wide range of therapies including equine therapy. Client benefits include an increase in self-confidence, self-worth, communication skills, coping skills and problem-solving skills. Make a gift today!


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