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The gentle giant

One Heart Stables is home to a select group of horses that offer clients struggling with depression, low self-esteem or anxiety the opportunity to engage in authentic connection. Each of their distinctive personalities contributes to their role as “equine therapists” as they serve the children in our residential program as well as adults and children in the general public through Encompass Christian Counseling. We’ve come to believe that people will pick the horse they truly need, and in turn our clients are able to engage in an honest, non-judgmental relationship with their horse.

Name: Adam Age: 18 Breed: Thoroughbred gelding

Adam at One Heart Stables

Adam is known as the “gentle giant” of the barn. While many are intimidated by his large size, he can quickly gain one’s trust and confidence with his calm and pleasant nature. Honesty is Adam’s virtue as he supports clients in exploring and experiencing authentic connection within relationships.

Adam is quite the athlete and enjoys having a job. He also enjoys galloping around the pasture, reliving his glory days as a racehorse and eventer. Adam is a great confidence builder for children and adults alike; he constantly proves to people that they can overcome challenges and achieve their goals! Adam came to us from a wonderful friend who wanted his retirement to be productive and helpful to others.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) uses interactions with a horse to facilitate individual growth and relational healing. Board-certified therapists use experiences with a horse and personal reflection to achieve the participant’s therapy goals. Individual, family and group sessions are offered and can include riding or working with a horse on the ground. Our team looks forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals. Most insurances are accepted. Learn more and inquire today.


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