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The highest good

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

CCHO and our family of ministries has received a Best Christian Workplaces Certified rating for five years in a row. Our organization has grown over the past five years in a variety of areas including communications, trust and staff development. As we become stronger individually and collectively, we are able to help more people experience their worth in Christ, including our fellow teammates.

Kevin Hewitt, CCHO President and CEO, was recently invited back to the Best Christian Workplace Institute’s (BCWI) podcast: The Flourishing Culture. The podcast features leaders from faith-based organizations who have achieved a certified rating. In the latest episode, Kevin discusses CCHO’s journey to Flourishing workplace culture with Al Lopus, CEO of BCWI.

Kevin highlighted the importance of investing in staff: “When you are dealing with children and adults working through their trauma, they are simply not in healthy places, so it is imperative that our staff is as healthy as possible.”

Learn more about CCHO’s leadership perspective and how God is developing individuals who fight for each other’s highest good. Listen to their conversation through the BCWI website or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Be sure to listen to Kevin’s previous episode as well: “How to Position Your Organization to Thrive in Unprecedented Times.”

CCHO and our family of ministries is a staff of more than 200 individuals serving in four ministry areas: children’s residential center, foster care, outpatient mental health and administration. We invite you to explore career opportunities with us.


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