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Vacation Bible School mission request

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Each year churches choose a worthy cause to support for their Vacation Bible School. In years past, CCHO has been blessed by various VBS campaigns that have helped fund some special projects on our children’s residential campus. As you know, we are a non-profit ministry that helps children who have suffered some of the most serious forms of trauma, experience their worth in Christ.

Below you will find some ideas on what we are raising funds for this summer and early fall. Please consider supporting CCHO by choosing one of these items that you feel the kids at your VBS would enjoy collecting money towards. If you would like someone from CCHO to come at least one day during your VBS, please let us know and we can plan accordingly.

Off-campus activity. Help to fully cover the cost of one or more of our cottages to go on an outing to places like: Acres of Fun, Wooster Skate Land or Wayne Lanes for bowling. Outings like these provide our children a moment to “just be kids” while working through the issues associated with the trauma they have endured. Cost: $125-$200 per cottage. We have five cottages on our campus.

Physical, sensory equipment used for recreation and aiding in the children’s therapeutic needs. An example would be a flying saucer tree swing where a child who is struggling finds comfort in swinging by themself while processing thoughts. Cost: $60 per cottage or $400-$500 for larger items that would be shared by all the cottages.

Disc golf course. We would like to build a nine-hole disc golf course on campus to provide another opportunity for residents to develop mastery–the concept of accomplishing something, growing in a skill or becoming competent in a specific activity. Disc golf is a goal-oriented sport which can also help teach our kids how to make and reach goals in their lives. Total Cost: $4,000.

For more information, or if there is something else you would like to do for CCHO, please contact Dan Franks, director of development at 330.345.7949, ext. 2336 or

Thank you for your time and consideration!


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