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Why Employees Choose CCHO

Updated: Feb 6

Our work life is a big part of who we are. It’s where we spend a good bit of time during the week. It’s who we spend that time with. It’s how we contribute to our community. Our hope is to encourage professional growth for all of our staff regardless of their department and role. Our heart is to help others experience their worth in Christ—and that includes each team member.

With many employment choices available, we asked employees why they choose to work at CCHO and what compels them to stay.

"This job is great, I love working with the kids and helping them know their worth in Christ. Working with kids is challenging but so rewarding! It warms my soul to work here At CCHO. The people I work with are the most loving and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Jamie Hevener

Direct Care Specialist

Children’s Residential Center


"Working in the commissary provides plenty of job satisfaction. We can use our craft sometimes, as a conversation piece, which in many instances leads to more meaningful conversations with the residents. We have a team full of people that love to reciprocate each other’s acts of kindness. Sometimes we forget that this is work because we enjoy what we do that much. What has helped sustain my employment with CCHO is the support CCHO has shown to us and our families as we tread through some of the most trying times of our lives."

Jeremy Chester

Commissary Coordinator

Children’s Residential Center


"I love that I am free to share Christ with these kids and give them love and guidance that they haven't had before. There are so many kids that come to CCHO and have no hope to live a happy and content life. It is so fulfilling to show them how special they are in God's eyes and how bright their future can be. The program is amazing at helping these kids through their trauma so they can thrive at life." 

Lauren Johnson Shift Supervisor Children’s Residential Center


"I love working at CCHO because we are helping to plant seeds of hope, love and safety in every child we care for.  Everyone who works here has a true passion for helping the children and their families."

Elisa Torres Direct Care Specialist, 3rd Shift Children’s Residential Center


"I love working at CCHO because I have the rare opportunity to continue working with the kids once they discharge from CCHO through our Community Integration Aftercare program. This position gives me the opportunity to continue providing services to the child and their family to ensure the child is using what they learned at CCHO in their home, community, and school environments and to help support the family in linking them with other services providers in their communities, providing wrap-around care, and supporting the parent(s) with psychoeducation so they can give their child what they need." 

Amber Jerkins

Family Integration Therapist

Children’s Residential Center


We encourage you to explore open positions at our nonprofit family of ministries which includes Christian Children’s Home of Ohio, Encourage Foster Care and Encompass Christian Counseling. We have both full and part time openings from Mansfield to Canton and a few places in between. We’re currently offering sign-on bonuses for new employees. Submit your application through our online portal.


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