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A salute to Sons of God Motorcycle Club

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

For the past several years, summer at CCHO also means a visit from the Sons of God Motorcycle Club. This compassionate organization plans kid-friendly activities and makes a special donation so hurting kids enjoy a fun day and experience their worth. Because of COVID-19, the difficult decision was made to keep everyone safe by not gathering this year. This blog post, written by CCHO staffer Lauren Steiner who coordinates the event, is a salute to their amazing volunteer work.

Each August, the Sons of God Motorcycle Club (SOGMC) puts on an event at CCHO to celebrate and raise funds for our kids. The event starts off 75 to 100 miles away where bikers meet up to travel a pre-determined route that ends at our Wooster residential campus. While the bikers are on their way to campus, club volunteers provide a variety of activities for the kids including:

• Painting kids’ faces to look like butterflies or superheroes • Playing Bingo so the kids win great prizes contributed by the club • Voting on their favorite motorcycle • And so much more!

SOGMC also provides lunch for our kids and residential staff. One of the delicious highlights is ice cream donated by the Honey Hut Ice Cream. The event’s grand finale features club members providing motorcycle rides around the cottage circle drive to any of the kids that want one. It’s a memorable way to end the event.

One year the event took place on the same day as the birthday of one of our teen girls. As she was walking up to the pavilion for lunch, the group did a great rendition of “Happy Birthday.” The smile on her face was contagious!

If you talk to anyone at the Sons of God Motorcycle Club, you’ll quickly know they host the event for the kids and it shows. Their kindness overflows in the event details and interactions with our residents. We will miss the volunteers this summer and look forward to having them back on campus in August 2021.


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