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Bryson's shame faded away

Bryson knows what it’s like to be hungry. He knows what it’s like to be scared and lonely. He’s had to lie and steal to feel remotely safe.

From a young age, Bryson has lived in many homes with different relatives and foster families. Even when meals were given regularly, he’s felt the need to hoard food because he’s been afraid that he would go hungry. He’s struggled with relationships and behaviors knowing firsthand that adults can be unavailable or unsafe.

Because you chose to make a difference in 10-year-old Bryson’s life, he felt truly safe for the first time. You made sure he had a warm bed and healthy meals. You gave him a supportive place to be vulnerable and process pain and trauma. Because of you, Bryson experienced his worth in Christ and his shame has faded away.

Bryson used to be rollercoaster of emotions. He acted much younger than his biological age. He copied peers and staff not knowing himself at all. He was searching and questioning all the time.

Because of you, this bright and curious preteen is receiving consistent care through consistent relationships. He’s felt truly safe for the first time which allowed him to open up and participate in trauma therapy. Bryson is now thoughtful and articulate about his needs and wants. He’s able to ask for help and accept guidance.

Bryson is happier too. Rather than worrying about his next meal, he spent the summer swimming, canoeing and tossing the football. He’s eager to try new activities. He’s connected with male staff who are like fathers to him.  

Thank you for showing Bryson how precious he is! He knows that people care. And he’s growing and maturing as a loved child of God.


If you’re inspired by this story, you can give a child like Bryson healthy meals this Thanksgiving. A hungry kid is often a kid who feels unworthy of being loved. But you can do something about that! Your loving donation by Thanksgiving will provide three filling and delicious meals each day to a child who is used to going hungry this time of year.


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