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Fill the Gap

We are beyond excited to celebrate our 50th anniversary at our benefit dinner on Saturday, June 8 and the Great Grill Off on Sunday, June 9. After five incredible decades of ministry, the list of blessings we could praise God for is practically endless. One of those blessings would be our unbelievable staff, who not only give their hearts totally and completely to our purpose of helping people experience their worth in Christ, but who also bring so many wonderful talents to work each day.

Be sure to join us on Saturday, June 8 when Brandon Jurkovich, our Assistant Director of Clinical Services will deliver a powerful spoken word performance about legacy at our 50th Anniversary Benefit Dinner. Get your tickets today!

Spoken Word At our 2017 Heart for the Home Celebration, Brandon took the stage with a performance about fatherhood. Here’s a clip from that night, and be sure to join us on June 8 for Brandon’s next performance. You won’t want to miss it!


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