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Learning to trust

This continues to be a year of challenges, but God is still sovereign and at work changing hearts one day at a time. Today we celebrate a special seven-year-old girl who learned to trust again after years of brokenness and abuse. Aimee recently discharged from our program into a loving foster home. Jessie Jackson, LPC, mental health therapist for the young girls cottage, shares Aimee’s story.

Aimee arrived at CCHO about a year ago with a trauma story she wouldn’t allow herself to think about or process. She also had great difficulty trusting any adults around her for many months when she first arrived. Once Aimee started to genuinely feel safe, she began opening up to the adults in her life and realized that she is truly and genuinely loved. She learned at CCHO that she is worthy of love and is worthy of being taken care of. She learned that it’s possible to trust and love without being hurt by those she trusts and loves.

About three months ago, after learning much about trauma and realizing that she was not alone in it, Aimee finally began trusting adults with her trauma story. It was beautiful watching her trust while being as vulnerable as she could be. It was even more beautiful watching her reaction as she realized no one was hurting her or judging her for what she trusted us with. She was able to process her trauma and take control of her past rather than allowing her past to dominate and control her.

Once it was time for her to meet an adoptive family, and begin the step-down process, we thought it would take a great deal of time for her to connect and bond with the family that was found for her. Aimee surprised us all by bonding so much faster than we imagined, as she was capable of trusting the family that came in to love her forever. When she left CCHO, she voiced how happy she is that she has a safe, forever family now, but voiced also feeling sad for leaving behind the people that helped her reach that felt safety, and the knowledge that she is a worthy and loved child of God.

Thank you for being part of Aimee’s healing journey through your generosity. She is truly one heart on the rise. Would you pause and thank God for setting her free from her past? Would you also pray for her transition back into the community? Your support means so much to Aimee and her forever family.


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