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Pray that “my dad…will be nice and not call me names”

We are so appreciative of the responses we’ve seen to our first set of prayer requests and the second set that we released earlier this week.

Today’s requests, as you’ll see, are filled with concerns our young residents have for family members. These prayers are representative of how these kids are persevering through the shelter-in-place restrictions: They are thinking about and praying for their family and friends, they are looking forward to when life will be a little more normal again, and many of them are seeking God during the uncertainty.

Please pray for these specific requests, and we ask that you continue praying for the kids, our staff and this ministry.

(Click the images below to view a larger version.)

“I’m wishing to see my mom soon who’s stuck in [another state]. I’m hoping that when I go home I’ll be able to stay home and not run away. I’m hoping I’ll have a good relationship and be able to control my impulses.” ~resident in our Teen Girls cottage

~resident in our Young Girls cottage

~resident in our Young Girls cottage

“I would like you to pray for me, my cousin and my dad’s dad, please and thank you.” ~resident in our Young Boys cottage

“My great grandma June, world peace and no more global warming” ~resident in our Teen Boys cottage

“Coronavirus” ~resident in our Teen Boys cottage

~resident in our Teen Girls cottage


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