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Sparks of self-discovery

CCHO is dedicated to long-term success for our residents. We provide therapeutic care for their mental and behavioral health needs. We also help them discover skills and interests for life back in their communities.

We are grateful for the Wayne County Community Foundation and the Wayne County Children’s Resource Fund for their generous grant support of our Sparks program that engages our youth in self-discovery opportunities and career-path exploration. Your support is helping youth from hard places experience new passions and take steps toward a brighter future they couldn’t realize on their own.

Held on a weekly basis, residents participate in a wide range of activities including cooking, baking, career presentations, holiday-themed activities, homemade crafts, woodworking, automotive lessons, recreation, gardening, yard games and scavenger hunts. They are being introduced to new interest areas, practicing life skills and learning that they are capable of pursuing careers. The program truly sparks dreams for young lives.

The Sparks program is now in its fifth year of energizing our kids and showing them they are worthy of support personally and professionally. Thank you, Wayne County Community Foundation for investing in the next generation!


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