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Help rewrite Emily’s story

Emily feels unwanted, less than, disposable. Her mother told her that she first considered giving Emily up for adoption when she learned she was pregnant, and her step-father has repeatedly abused her. Your $80 gift today can give Emily hope, perhaps for the first time in her life.

Emily’s parents divorced when she was very young and her mother remarried an abusive man. Emily recalls physical and sexual abuse by her step-father, and her mother did nothing to stop it. They clearly favored her younger step-brother, though, and the favoritism he enjoyed only made Emily feel lonelier and more worthless. She eventually moved between eight different foster homes, where she started self-harming behaviors. She even threatened to kill herself.


Despite her history of abuse and rejection, Emily is a friendly 10-year-old girl who does well in school and enjoys drawing, dancing and painting her nails. Sadly, years of traumatic experiences have made it extremely difficult for Emily to form meaningful relationships with other children her age. Without effective therapy to address her PTSD and other symptoms, she may always struggle relationally.

But you can help Emily find victory. The neglect and abuse her mother and step-father subjected her to don’t have to define Emily’s future. Instead of feeling worthless, she can come to know just how much she’s worth to her Heavenly Father. That knowledge can change everything!

Your $80 gift can help provide Emily and other kids like her with the vital treatment and strategies they need as they process the pain they’ve suffered. Emily didn’t have a say in how she was treated in her own home. After years of abuse and neglect, you can give her the opportunity to develop healthy relationships built on trust and unconditional love.

Emily’s mother recently gave up parental rights to Emily. She has had no contact or interaction with her biological father for most of her life. She has spent countless days in different hospitals after harming herself and threatening suicide.

Your gift, today, can rewrite Emily’s story. Your $80 donation can change her life.

Will you help Emily come to believe that her past doesn’t have to determine her future? Imagine the difference you can make!

A safe place for Emily Will you consider an $80 gift so that Emily and other girls and boys like her can experience a night of safety and begin to experience their worth in Christ? Make your donation online today.


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