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God is changing lives!

Children who come from abusive homes have a hard time connecting with others. They’ve been traumatized by what they’ve experienced. They’ve learned they can’t trust other people. They face obstacles in life that most people won’t ever encounter.


But the abuse doesn’t get the last word. The neglect doesn’t define these young lives. Hope and healing are available to children who learn that they are loved unconditionally, despite what’s happened to them; who receive the therapy, support and supervision they need to overcome years of abuse; who finally experience the grace of their loving Creator.


Thanks for your interest in learning more about CCHO and our family of ministries. We exist to help the children and families we serve experience their worth in Christ. You’ll find some inspiring stories of life change below, along with more information about CCHO and ideas on how you can get involved in all that God is doing for these boys and girls!

Mari learned the importance of relationships


Mari has suffered through years of abuse and neglect. She didn’t believe any of her needs mattered and resorted to aggressive outbursts...

Our Donors Brought an End to Amelia's Hungry Days


Our donors made sure that Amelia didn’t have to worry about food anymore! Because of their gift, she was given a safe place to stay and

The 2023 CCH-Olympics


Each year the CCHO campus participates in their own version of the Olympics. It is one of the kid's favorite activities and this year

Because of you, Ethan can focus on bettering himself


Thirteen-year-old Ethan lived in a home that revolved around drug use. Ethan experienced anger and acted out as he processed the overdose...

Thanks to you, Chris is experiencing healthy connections


Fifteen-year-old Chris lived in a home filled with abuse and violence. Anger and depression were common feelings to him. Frequently...

Maya learned to speak truth to herself and others


Maya has carried the pain of abuse since she was five years old. She’s believed that she was ugly and unlovable for far too long. Her...

Bryson's shame faded away


Bryson knows what it’s like to be hungry. He knows what it’s like to be scared and lonely. He’s had to lie and steal to feel remotely...

An influential young leader


Becca didn’t receive consistent love and parenting. Her home wasn’t a safe place. Becca was often filled with fear and anxiety. She had a...

A new view of herself and others


Eight-year-old Ariana was often exposed to drugs and alcohol. Left alone frequently, she cared for herself and her siblings. She longed...

Kindness challenge


The tween girls cottage recently participated in a kindness challenge to encourage residents to look for opportunities to build one...

A new start for Jillian


Jillian didn’t believe her life mattered. You showed her how much she is loved and valued.

Last week of school


It’s the last week of school on our residential campus. Two youth were recognized as Star Students of the Year by their teachers.

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